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Programming Courses for Children and Teenagers

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What Differentiate Us From Others?

We have partnered with Microsoft to support kids' digital development!


We are driven by passion for programming and education!


We are a group of highly experienced IT engineers, programmers and educators!


We possess worldwide experience in providing programming courses in 16 countries, including the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Spain...


Our journey is supported by more than 100 000 customers!

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The aim of the workshops is to promote IT learning and digital development. All participants will complete an educational project that has been prepared for the appropriate age group and for all the ones that are taking their first steps in the programming area. The workshops are held in 90-minute blocks with groups of 10 students in each, the students only need to have a computer with internet access and can attend from home.

7-9 year-olds: Scratch - creating your own games and animations
10-12 year-olds: Scratch - higher level; creating websites
13-18 year-olds: C# and Python - most popular coding languages

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